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Providing the best haulers in Nebraska for the best price, Cow Country Trailer Sales is also supplying customers with our exceptional trailer financing from AgDirect®. With the help of AgDirect®, our company will find the funding assistance you need to become a new Cow Country Trailer Sales trailer owner.

AgDirect® has been serving the Ag equipment departments financing needs for more than 15 years. Because of this, AgDirect® understands the value of your time and how a speedy financial process can benefit both the consumer and the trailer dealer.

AgDirect's® equipment financing saves the need for added trips and calls. Everything can be completed right at the dealership! This is why AgDirect®, with its competitive rates and terms, simple applications, and quick credit responses, is among the most popular equipment financing programs for Ag equipment.

At AgDirect®, we will be your one-stop shop with a friendly atmosphere to match. And like Cow Country Trailer, our finance company will only provide the very best solutions for customers to choose from in Hyannis, Nebraska, and its surrounding areas.

Finally, when all is said and done, hit the road with your new Cow Country Trailer!

Unbeatable in their industry, AgDirect® offers applicants state-of-the-art varieties of financing products, welcoming and timely service, less paperwork, and quick credit decisions.

For more information about our company, call us at 888.525.9805 or click the button below to visit our website.

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